TERRIGAL UNDERWATER GROUP INC. ( TUG ) is a social, non-profit Club, whose members have a common interest in SCUBA diving.

TUG is entirely independent of any other organisation, but supports like minded groups to foster goodwill in and knowledge of the sport. Dives are organised and conducted most weekends using the Club boat TUG 2, which is moored at Terrigal on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. The membership represents a wide range of underwater interests and dives are often geared to cater for these activities.

Certified divers will not only enjoy savings with the cost of the sport but also the additional benefits that come with diving a club and a more of a DIY approach to the sport. They also have the assurance that they will be diving off a purpose built dive boat fully equipped with Oxygen, GPS, decompression bars with air and a host of safety features.

As well as diving the very best dive sites on the Central Coast, from time to time weekend and holiday trips to interesting locations are organised. Members are encouraged to increase their level of skill by attending special courses which are organised by the club. They are also encouraged to develop skills in boat handling and dive safety, to build confidence to be able to convene club dives.

Social gatherings are an important aspect of club life and members are invited to attend these, as well as the General Meetings where recent work of our underwater photographers are shown and special guests are invited to speak on dive related topics.

We warmly encourage new members and invite you to a club meeting or to direct any questions to a member of the Committee. Please see our contacts page for further information.