Terrigal Underwater Group is an independent, not for profit SCUBA diving club. We have our own boat which is moored in the Terrigal Haven and dives are scheduled for most Saturday and Sunday mornings year-round.

Why dive with us?

  • Enjoy the full variety of local dive sites.
  • Dive with experienced buddies.
  • Get to know like minded people, fascinated by all things in, on and around the ocean.
  • Costs are a fraction of diving with a commercial boat, but without compromises.
  • Opportunities to learn new skills & get involved in all aspects of the club; driving the boat, sharing knowledge, convening dives, social activities, trips etc.


Membership options
  • Must be nominated and accompanied by full member
  • Lasts one month
  • Maximum of 3 dives
  • $70 dive fee applies

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  • $40 per dive
  • $150 per year
  • Full voting rights

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  • $40 per dive per person
  • $240 per year
  • 2 votes

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  • participate in club activities
  • receive club correspondance
  • no boat diving
  • $25 per year

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   * fees subject to change at any time

Club History

The club was formed in 1976 by a group of Central Coast divers, including Les Graham as the first Club President, Ivan Millington the Club's Diving Officer, and Les Reilly as secretary/treasurer. Les Reilly also designed the club logo which is carried forward to this day. Ivan is still an active member of the Club and together with Les Graham plus a handful of others, enjoys Life Member status.

The boats which have made our fun possible.

Our progression of club dive boats; beginning with an inflatable, then a couple of 14 foot tinnies, TUG1 which was literally worn out, TUG2 was a big leap forward and served for a remarkable 20years (1995-2015) with numerous upgrades along the way, until we invested in TUG3 which will be the crown jewel of the club for some time to come.


Fundraising in the early days was an important source of income, mainly in the form of the Terrigal Treasure Hunt. Here was the opportunity for many members to rub shoulders with some of Australia's leading divers. Participants searched for underwater tokens which would put them in the running for desirable prizes. The "hunt" of 1984 (pictured below) returned $5,000 plus! Treasure Hunt

Photos, Publications and more

Numerous members seriously pursue the subjects of underwater photography, marine science and maritime heritage. This has been reflected in some outstanding performances at major photographic competitions and the publication of "Wrecks of the NSW Central Coast", by member Greig Berry amongst other achievements

Shipwrecks, discovered and created…

Right at the beginning in 1976, club members found the wreck of the SS Commonwealth on Foggy Reef, which is north-east of Terrigal.

In 1987 the club discovered the wreck of the SS Yambacoona off Broken Head (just outside the Terrigal Haven)

TUG nominated two of its members, Robb Westerdyk and Peter Hudson, to the committee of Central Coast Artificial Reef Project (CCARP). This started a 10 year effort that culminated in the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide off North Avoca in April of 2011. CCARP with the support of TUG (and others) delivered a wonderful diving legacy to the Central Coast and Robb and Peter were granted life membership to TUG for their sustained efforts and personal sacrifices over such a long time. Existing TUG life members Carlo Filippetti (formerly Gosford Diving Services) and Les Graham (formerly Terrigal Dive), representing more the commercial interests of the project were also heavily involved in CCARP.

The Boat


  • Launched in 2015, TUG3 is the latest and greatest in the history of boats owned by the club.
  • Carries 7 divers including the skipper.
  • 6.5 meter, single hull plate aluminium. 220 hp 4 stroke outboard engine.
  • Required safety equipment including, life jackets, EPIRB, 27Mhz & VHF radios.
  • Depth sounder & GPS chart plotter.
  • Oxygen + Air for planned deco or emergencies.