Information for New Members


Dive Schedule

The dive schedule is produced quarterly and emailed to the list. You should be emailed the most recent copy once your membership is accepted.

How dives are booked

Booking on a scheduled dive is as simple as contacting the dive convener that is listed in the schedule and requesting to be added. Most often, the convener will send a message via the mailing list in the week before, requesting for interested divers and people will respond to that.

Where to meet

The meeting point is in the general area of the Terrigal Haven boat ramp. If you get to the Haven early enough (around 7am) you may be lucky to get one of the parking spots closest to the ramp and near the front of the fish and chip shop. This is probably where you will find other members setting up for their dive. Gear is usually staged on the rock wall, down the steps to the left of the ramp (looking toward the water). The boat pickup is in the same spot, to the left of the ramp. The contribution to the dive is paid in cash to the convener before or after the dive.

The Dive

The scheduled dive site may be altered on the day based on diver interest and prevailing conditions. The dive is usually conducted as two groups, so that the boat is not unattended and there is always surface support.